We offer methods to diagnose, detect threats and remove infections from viruses, malware, spyware, or other threats. Virus infections symptoms would result slow computer performance, error moving files, program installation error, corrupt registry files, windows problems etc. We help run Norton and scan for malicious or unwanted programs and removal of common and advanced viruses from your system. We help remove viruses for enhanced security and protection to your computer files.

Help On Norton® Antivirus and Internet Security

Do you wonder whether you should buy Norton antivirus or Norton Security? You are on the right page if you really want to know the differences between these two copies of Norton. You might have researched extensively in search of reliable information regarding the antivirus software as it is directly related to the security of your important data files, but this write-up will surely be your last resort for the information what you are looking for. Symantec's objective to ensure a comprehensive safety against online threats is what reflects in its all-new series of antivirus software suites. The maker has been proactively enthused to bring in a world-class antivirus solution so as to make the users to stay untouched and immune to every impending threat. With the changing definition of malware programs, it is now highly mandatory to d -- Read More...
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Fix Norton® High CPU Usage Problem in Windows 10

If your system’s speed is dragging down and you use Norton antivirus software, then there are chances you have not properly installed your Norton software CPU usage options. The need of Norton is understood enough by the users that it is a reflexive action you have to buy at the time of purchasing a new computer. Symantec’s Norton antivirus is highly appreciated by many users for its effectiveness in protecting your system, yet the internet is full of a steady stream of complaints that Norton is a resource hog. Some of these complaints are a result of too many users trying to run the latest edition on older machines or operating systems. If your machine is relatively new, there are a couple of ways to reduce the demand that Norton will make upon your system. For this, you can also Read More...
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How to Setup an Identity Safe Account

A quick web research shows that millions of computer users are worried about their identity and personal information which are exposed to feasible online threats. Every so often, we come across so many reports saying how computer users may get their personal information revealed on the internet, be it their bank account details or other crucial information. With dynamic characteristics of internet felons, it is really a challenging job to ensure a comprehensive protection against potential online threats. When it comes to ensuring protection against identity theft, the internet security package doesn’t only safeguards your identity, but also keeps your kids away from any feasible threats. While your kids browse websites, there is a huge chance to have some malicious elements installed accidently on your computer system, leading to -- Read More...
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Norton® Diagnostic Center

Going online may sound risky in terms of online identity theft, but the truth is not what you believe. With advanced Norton diagnostic technology, you can keep your computer system at a bay – ensuring a comprehensive protection against online threats. As per a survey conducted by Symantec, more than 550 million people across the globe were affected by online identity theft in the year 2014 and the statistics appears to be growing due to dynamic definition of internet threats. We all suddenly find our computer systems plagued with an unknown threat that looks irresolvable for a while. But this is not a big problem; provided that we don’t take a proper step towards overcoming all types of new malicious threats. If you want not to have your personal information exposed to online hackers, you should think about a robust and reliable -- Read More...
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Norton® Antivirus and Internet Security

A computer system is always open to malware programs, if it is connected through a network and doesn’t have any internet security solution. Unsecured network settings can be the easiest way for hackers or curious neighbors to get into your computer system and fetch important information. To work on a network with your computer system safely requires you to install a reliable internet security package that can create a robust firewall and stop all types of malicious elements from entering your computer. Symantec’s Norton Internet Security has been in place – somewhere on the top list of the available internet security suites – with increased capability to protect up to five machines connected to your network. Norton support center for network protection makes it e -- Read More...
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Norton® Top 10 Online Safety Tips for Kids

The task to provide children with reliable protection against online threats is in some way a demanding job. Just few years ago, parents were largely concerned about the rising dangers caused by web browsing and unknown malicious elements. Though the risks have come been lowered in last few years, yet there are some online threats that parents should think about, make sure their children are well informed of all types of strange danger. In the mean time you can always get Norton help from certified technician to avoid problems and errors in your Norton antivirus program. Norton internet security brings in a comprehensive protection to your computer system against all types of online threats. It keeps on scanning your computer system regularly so as to avoid impending danger. -- Read More...
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Norton® Security and Antivirus for Android

Symantec's Norton division announced the launch of Norton security, storage apps to iPhone smartphones, Android. It is a free app for iPhone and Android users, called Norton Connect. Norton Security offers simple antivirus solution, for comprehensive protection that’s made to shield your favorite devices—PCs, smart phones, Macs, and tablets. With Norton Help for your security app, you can keep your phone safe and can connect wherever you like to. If you also want to protect your smartphone from various malware security issues, then quickly contact on Symantec support phone number for Norton for right Norton support services. The antivirus software helps Norton customers to detect known malware. -- Read More...
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Learn How Norton® Protect Against Phishing Attacks

No computer system is immune to potential identity theft in the age of internet. We all should pay our utmost attention to our computer and ensure it is at arm’s length. In such circumstances, antivirus software programs make a difference in building a reliable shield for your computer so that it can get a comprehensive protection against phishing activities. Get best Norton live support from certified technicians from Symantec technical team. Phishing is a cyber-based criminal activity that is basically aimed to collect information and sensitive data from other computer system. It can be termed as an identity theft, especially popular among the hackers. With increasing incident of phishing across the globe, you must be concerned about the data and files saved on your -- Read More...
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Windows 10 Update With Norton® Products

Windows 10 is now officially announced and millions of users have switched over the new operating system, Symantec has enhanced its security product in such a way that it is now well compatible with the latest Windows OS. Unlike other anti-virus software, Norton has been quickly introduced with Windows 10 compatibility patch so as to provide the users with enhanced and updated security solution. You can also seek help from Norton customer service phone number to update your copy of Norton program. Though the compatibility patch has already been introduced with automatic update schedule, but it may take some time. In case of any technical hurdle, you should go for online Norton technical su -- Read More...
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Symantec Norton® Help Dual Protection for Mac

Norton is best known for its rich security intelligence that protects personal computers and laptops against any malicious program, looming large to invade all computer systems at any point in time. Developed and maintained by Symantec, Norton security software suite gets periodical updates so as to understand the ever-changing definition of malware programs. The latest version is designed to provide a widespread security solution for both Windows and Mac-based vulnerabilities and malware programs. And by installing the latest Norton dual security software, Mac users are subscribed to both the Norton AntiVirus 11 for Mac, and the antivirus and susceptibility security of Norton AntiVirus 2008 for Windows operating system. Due to a common belief that Mac computers are the most secured machine, most of the Mac users hardly notice an -- Read More...
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