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Though anti-virus is basically and theoretically known for protecting your computer system against feasible threats (and it does offer a comprehensive security), yet it stands problematic for some software suites. As several users have reported an issue with their printers when they installed Norton 360 antivirus software package on their computer system, there are some verified steps to avoid any technical problems while trying to connect printer.

When it comes to configuring Norton 360 antivirus software, you need to take care of some important features so as to allow Printers to work flawlessly. In case of any technical problem you don’t understand how to execute, you would better contact Norton 360 online technical support for troubleshooting network printer problems.

There are some certified third-party technical support companies that can help you avoid any technical problems caused by Norton 360 antivirus software suite.

As Norton Internet Security is best known for blocking all those malicious elements that can cause technical problems, it acts in the same manner when it finds any of the Norton applications to be a threat to your computer system; it stops the printer from printing documents.

To make your company’s printer print again with increased efficiency, you should generate an exception in your Norton antivirus software so that it can identify your printer as a trusted device.

Here are some effective steps to execute while trying to configure your Norton 360 protection suite:

Step 1:

Start the newly installed Norton security software you believe is creating hurdles in the printer’s functioning.

Step 2:

Click on “Advanced” if you have either Norton Antivirus or Norton Internet Security and then go to the “Network Security Map” found in Network Protection tab.

And if you have Norton 360, then go to the Task tab, instead of clicking on Advanced. Click on the Network Security Map to check if the printer is seen on the network map.

Step 3:

Go to the Total In Network tab and Click on the “+” sign.

Step 4:

Put in the device name and IP address of your printer in the “Add Device” section and then click Ok to complete the process.

Step 5:

Click your device in the Network Security Map.

Step 6:

Click on the “Edit” tab to make amendment if you require editing your device name

Step 7:

Select “Full Trust” and then click “OK.”

Step 8:

Click “Close” in the Network Security Map window.

So, with the help of these seven steps, you can easily turn your Norton 360 antivirus compatible with the printer you are using for your official use. In addition you can also dial Norton tech support phone number to help fix your network printer instantly.

If you are looking for instant and reliable tech support, you would better go for third party Norton tech support companies that can help you get out of the condition in a real time.

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